The potential of moulds is infinite.

Objects always have their shapes.

When we wish to mass-produce that shape, the mould that forms the basis for that shape is necessary.

In other words, moulds are the parents that give birth to objects, the starting point of objects.

Moreover, these shapes come in endless varieties and can change in diverse ways.

An endless number of shapes occur and are necessary in order to meet de-mand and supply at any given time.

Moulds, which are the starting points of objects, or rather the starting point of making objects, have

infinite needs and possibilities. Shippo Asahi Moulds (Thailand)(SAMT), which is positioned at the core of these possibilities, always reflects on the starting point of making objects, and focuses its efforts on delivering products that offer high performance, high quality, and high precision to our customers.

As long as there are objects, SAMT will continue to grow.


Oct 2013
Opening ceremony
Aug 2013
Korat plant start operation
Aug 2014
m88 คาสิโนสดPlease request us for machining the deep and small hole which is used Gundrill.
job 12 h hr